Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NYC Day 5: Justine Schnitzler New York Day 5

New York Day 5: Justine Schnitzler

Today, we had our WomenNC panel on the tenth floor of the Church Center of the United Nations. Though the presentation room was absolutely sweltering, the English language (or any language, for that matter) cannot even begin to express the feeling of watching a room fill with people eager to hear about the research we Fellows had conducted. I felt a swirling pit of nerves as soon as Dina began to descend from the podium and I walked toward the mic—but the moment I began to speak, all of my anxieties vanished and my voice came forth clear and strong. It’s an intoxicatingly powerful feeling to see an audience reacting to your words—and this panel was no exception. I can only say I am incredibly grateful for this entire opportunity—for WomenNC, for Beth, for the other Fellows, and for the opportunity to pursue this kind of research.
Tomorrow, we have another packed day of events. If all I have experienced so far is any indication, tomorrow will be incredible.

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  1. Wonderful description of feeling the power of being perfectly prepared and confident in front of an audience you've never met. And how wonderful to feel the support and eagerness of the audience to hear what you had to share with them. Great job! Now you can soak up the last days with gusto! Go for it!

  2. Justine--so good you felt the power of your message--it has been wonderful for me personally seeing you all grow those strong, confident wings to speak and be heard--congrats and enjoy the ride you deserve it!!