Friday, March 13, 2015

New York Day 6: Justine Schnitzler

Justine New York Blog Post Day #6

Today, we began the morning early with a session led at the United States mission to the United Nations, hosted by Ms. Magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed the part of the session I was able to attend, but unfortunately was struck with the marks of an imminent migraine halfway through the session, necessitating my leaving. I ended up having to rest at the hotel through lunch and the afternoon, but was able to feel better and rejoin the group for an event at the Ford Foundation building. We attended a film screening for a movie about child marriage, produced by Angelina Jolie. The event was incredible, as I got to rub elbows with John Kerry’s sister, the filmmaker, and many other notable dignitaries. I was also excited for the panel presentation afterward, as one of the women on it was a photojournalist who did a photo set of child brides across the world, published in the New York Times that I researched extensively in February. I wish I felt I had more to write for today’s post, but my nasty headache really knocked me out for the better part of the day, and inhibited my attendance at many of my planned events.

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