Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New York Day 4: Dana

Today was yet another amazing day filled with learning. I attended an event on women in Palestine, an event on maternal health, an event on the status of women in the Arab world, and an event on youth's activism in advancing women's human rights. The maternal health event was fascinating - one of the women talked about a product her group promotes in order to help women in the developing world: sanitary pads. Girls will often miss school when they are on their periods because they don't have sanitary products and, as a result, they get behind and drop out. If women do try to go to school, they'll be shamed by teachers and classmates for showing blood. If they try to make their own sanitary products, often using dirty rags, they increase their chances of infections and HIV transmission. The woman on the panel discussed how with just a few dollars and materials, you can create packs to send to these rural women. The packs include reusable, washable pads and underwear that women can use to keep going to school.

The last event I went to was also really cool, and one of the best parts was their video titled "sexual rights topia." The idea was that we should be dreaming of and striving for a world that supports individuals' sexual choices and provides people with the resources that they need, sounding a lot like my presentation! It was wonderful to hear from youth all over the world about their involvement in promoting women's human rights.

I am both excited and nervous for tomorrow's presentation, but I am feeling good about it. Some of the sessions I have been in did not have particularly good speakers, which makes me feel better about what I will be presenting on. I think we have all spent so much time learning our stats and perfecting our information that tomorrow is going to go really well... hopefully!!!

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  1. In addition to having solid research, aren't you proud that you also have tools for making a great presentation. Heard it went well today. Congratulations! Enjoy the rest of the week--it is half gone. YIKES!