Friday, March 13, 2015

CSW Day 6 - Josh

Today was probably my favorite day at CSW so far. After attending the US Mission to the UN meeting this morning, Mina and I accompanied Beth to a roundtable discussion at the Ms. Foundation. The meeting comprised several leaders from NGOs around the country who were collaborating on a response to a statement recently released by the CSW regarding the Beijing Platform and progress made over the last twenty years. Mina and I both made suggestions about making the language more inclusive, including protections for gender protection, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and also mentioning the importance of enlisting men and boys as allies in securing women’s human rights. Later, I attended the actual writing session, where, over a two hour period, we sat down and crafted the document itself. It was awesome to be involved in something that had the potential to impact international law. I can’t believe how quickly the week has flown by – tomorrow is our last full day!

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  1. I know your input to the document was valuable. How powerful to be having a real impact on solutions! Great job. Hope all of you enjoy tonight's little treat in New York!