Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homework - CSW Day 2

Happy International Women’s Day! We celebrated today in the historic Apollo Theater with the CSW NGO Consultation Day. I really appreciated the speakers and panelists—especially Dr. Gertrude Mongella and Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson. Ruchira Gupta, founder of Apne Aap, gave an inspiring lecture, during the course of which I learned that over 27 million people around the world are currently enslaved. I urge all our readers to check out their website and please learn their inspiring stories fighting human trafficking.

Going in to tomorrow and our first day of speaking events, I have a lot of questions, goals and hopes of what I’ll learn. During Gertrude Mongella’s talk, she asked us to all figure out “what our homework is,” meaning what actions will we take after the CSW to further women’s human rights. Tomorrow I hope to learn what my “homework” could possibly be.  My question continues to be about the role of young people here at the CSW. Today, we listened to a great youth panel, but it actually left me with more questions. Does having to single out a youth panel signal that we’re still an “attraction” here at the UN? Is that a problem?

Jane and I starring in Amateur Night at the Apollo (actually it was CSW NGO Consultation Day)


  1. Human trafficking is indeed a huge problem that we find hard to even fathom. And yet it is prevalent in NC too. There is so much to learn and so much work to be done. Happy International Women's Day to all of you too. Youth might be an "attraction" at CSW, but you are far from amateurs. Be proud, and keep learning. And please keep sending the great photos.

  2. What a great place to spend one of your first days--so much history in Harlem and the speakers sounded great. I think the "youth panels" may feel a bit odd but quite honestly spotlighting what you think/recommend helps the older generations who may not have the best access to your thinking get directly exposed--which is a very good thing!! It also provides you a platform to perhaps influence those that may not run in your normal circles--a win win for all of us!! Great pic of you and Jane--clearly the "stars" among many!!