Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blog #8- NYC

Blog #8

I must begin with this is one of the most unique birthdays that I have ever had.  It is not every day that you can say that you spent your birthday at the United Nations in New York City registering to support CEDAW and CSW.  Being an original New Yorker, (and an upstate I might add) I am not “wowed” by the magic of New York…. What has helped to make this experience so wonderful is knowing that I am part of promoting and advocating to CSW and women’s rights.  …. And I go to do it all on my birthday!  It took until we were here to internalize the magnitude of CSW. 
From emptying pockets at the front gate to standing in line to obtain out UN grounds passes, watching women’s rights advocates network and share the same passion was phenomenal.  It is powerful to be a part of The Beijing Platform 20+ and share in the promotion of the ratification of CEDAW nearly 59 years after its origin.  The Committee on the Status of Women is crucial to the worldwide advancement of women’s rights, and we are here to help promote CEDAW.  It is a great honor to take part in such a momentous event.

In addition to presenting this week, I truly hope to learn from other NGO sessions and bring back information that can help others grow in the Raleigh area.  I am looking forward to attending sessions not only on women in the military, but also sessions on the status of women in Latin American countries.  As a Spanish teacher it is important that I incorporate culture and current events into my curriculum.  What better way to educate my students, than by bringing them first-hand information from my experiences here at the UN!  I know from spending time in many Latin American countries that women need advocating.  It will be interesting to see what other NGO’s and government organizations have to say and report on the status of women and how it may or may not differ from what I have seen while in other counties. 

Tomorrow will be an informative day.  Consultation Day for the NGO’s will educate us as to how CSW is run, the history as well as the events that are offered.  It is one thing to read all about CEDAW and the purposes of CSW online, I expect that meeting the  I am looking forward to getting the events booklet and selecting my daily four events.  There is so much to see and attend this week, I do not know how I will fit it all in!
individuals who make events like this week possible and listening to their stories will be powerful and eye opening.
So here is to a new year, another year older and an amazing start to a week of once in a lifetime experiences!


  1. Happy Birthday! You have a unique perspective to offer in the CSW arena - people will be lucky to meet and interact with you so go out there and talk to people of interest to you. It sounds like you are 100 percent prepared to apply what you learn this week to your work. Your students in NC are very lucky to have you!

  2. You have great goals for the week. Hope you truly enjoyed and will remember this special birthday. And please pass on my greetings to all the Fellows for International Women's Day to day. Hope you stayed warm and engaged during the march. Seek out the passion and expertise of others to help propel this momentous CSW into an avenue for worldwide gender equity. Sometimes we forget or under-value the charmed lives we lead here in NC. Others have such riveting stories to tell. Look forward to hearing them when you return.