Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog 9- International Womens Day

Blog #9

How does one sum up a day like today?  A day of CSW and NGO consultations mixed with made to order Popeye’s chicken and International Women’s day, followed by marches into Time Square….  As we have gone through this fellowship and tightened and perfected our presentations, the expression “If you had to sum up all of your research into one sentence, what would you say?” has been reiterated explicitly. 

So, to take that sentiment to heart, I will sum up today in as few words as possible: Solidarity mixed with a splash of crazy. 

Let me begin by defining crazy.   Anyone who does not fit within a “mold” is often deemed as different or “off their rocker” … or for lack of better words: crazy.  Crazy does not mean that one is not in their right mind, but that their mind is not always right for the times.  Feminism and gender equality by some may be considered crazy; but after the passion, commitment and diversity that was displayed today throughout the day’s activities, crazy is not a limitation of the mind, it is a limitation presented by closed minded governments and law makers. 
Those who live by the mere fact of tradition are the ones without minds.  It does not take much to notice and absorb the energies of highly educated and passionate women’s rights advocates and the impact that they have on the world.  It is only crazy not to consider the impact that CEDAW can have on the world.

Throughout my travels I have seen the suffering that under privileged women, children (and men) live in.  To see women of indigenous backgrounds and men of typically machismo societies bringing to light the importance of gender equality, and to see the impacts that they are having in their own countries with regards to supporting human rights is a humbling and all together inspiring experience.  Meeting representatives from other countries who share a plethora of experiences and influences truly bring light the goals and aspirations that CSW has. 
The solidarity of men and women of different cultural and religious origins, coming together to support CEDAW and women’s rights speaks to the power strength in numbers.  If members of the governments could open their eyes to the power of unity, mountains could be moved. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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  1. Quite the photo--International Women's Day in front of the Loft in New York City!
    Love what you said about, "Crazy does not mean that one is not in their right mind, but that their mind is not always right for the times." And taking that message to Times Square must have been very powerful. Maybe that message and that march won't change the world, but it might change a few crazy minds!
    Have a fantastic week. I hope Stephanie reads this and sees her training is being used fully--by all of you!