Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 1 Blog

Great first day in New York City! I’m so excited for what the rest of the week has in store. I want to take this time to thank all the volunteers at WomenNC, including my mentor Amy, Beth, Isabella, Lois and Jane. Thank you for all the support throughout this process and the wonderful opportunity to participate in this fellowship and attend CSW.

Tomorrow is our Consultation Day where we will be meeting with other NGOs and participating in the International Women’s Day March, which will be exciting. I’m looking forward to the different events I can attend this week, learning more about women’s issues and how they are being addressed in other parts of the world, what the progress has been in the last 20 years, and what still needs to be done. I’m also excited for the networking opportunities. I guess one thing I’m worried about this week is not having enough time for reflection about everything I’ve experienced. Without that time, most of the information will probably go in one ear and out the other without sticking. Throughout the week, I will be asking myself some questions about the different issues presented at the conference:

What is the root causes of this issue in the particular community addressed?
How does this issue manifest in our society?
How is this similar and different than in another context?
What has been the progress on this issue in the last 20 years?
What are the next steps?
What are the benefits and limitations to the model presented meant to address this issue?
How can I be an advocate on this issue both at the local and international level?

Hopefully, by reflecting on each event I attend in this way, I can have at least one tangible takeaway I can bring back to my community at Duke, Durham, or at home in Georgia.

- Mina 


  1. Great guiding questions, Mina. Your welcome and thank you for your commitment to women's rights.

  2. Hi Mina! Being able to process everything that you experience this week will definitely be a change. If you can, make note of meaningful interactions and organizations, research, and initiatives that spark your interest. You will be able to process everything during the months after CSW using your notes as a guide.

  3. Your questions are good ones. You are right that reflection will have to wait for a quiet and less sleep deprived time. Keep a journal, and make use of your time with networking. You may never again in your lifetime have such international resources and personalities sitting right next to you. Embrace the opportunities!