Thursday, March 12, 2015

CSW Day 5 Blog

Today was our second to last day at CSW! We all started the day by attending at event hosted by the Feminist Majority and the Girls Learn International where many women and girl advocates spoke about the progress of women in the last 20 years since the Beijing Platform. Afterward, Josh and I went with Beth to the Ms. Foundation Fellowship where organizers, most of whom were from an feminist organization based in California, met to write a response to the response statement 700 NGOs made to the UN’s statement from CSW. We were able to add our own input into the response they were writing. Josh, especially, was able to add a more gender inclusive lens into the response.

Later, we all went to a film screening called “Difret,” about a court case in Ethiopia against a young girl who killed her abductor and rapist who was trying to force her into an early marriage sparked a change in legislation concerning abductions and child marriages in Ethiopia. It was a very triggering film, but it had a hopeful message that grassroots and local marriages could challenge and effectively change traditional practices.

By the end of the day, we had a group reflection on the fellowship itself, CSW, and what we would each take from it.

- Mina


  1. Please be sure to let us know when the film Defret will be in theaters so we can see it. It sounds awesome, and sure to change perspectives.
    Have a great evening and a safe trip home tomorrow. Fast week, right?

  2. Mina--glad the trip has been rewarding and thank you so much for representing WNC--you have all made us so proud back here on the homefront!!