Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bennett Belle Takes NYC: Day 2 Opening Ceremony

Hello again everyone,
Today my fellow WomenNC scholars and I attended Consultation Day at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. This event is the official opening ceremony for CSW and it was amazing. The girls and I began our day off bright and early with breakfast at the hotel and then we departed for Consultation Day. My day started off great and I felt like a true New Yorker when I waved down a taxi cab for the first time. Once we arrived at Consultation Day we mingled with other participants, passed out flyers and received flyers in return. While, speaking with other representatives I learned that they were the hosts of some of the events that I planned on attending.

The ceremony was very well planned and Gharsany IbdulAmeen from Afghanistan was awarded with the 2019 Women of Distinction Award. IbdulAmeen is the youngest person to receive this award. The Cities for CEDAW award was presented to the mayor of Pittsburgh. There were several other panelists with representatives from the Global Fund for Widows, UN Mission of Iceland, WFP Peru, Foundation for Social Justice, UN Habitat, and PCI Media. Along with these amazing panelists we had the pleasure of being entertained by drummers Paprika, poets Climbing Poetree, and a songtress with the Angel Band Project. They are all extremely talented and delivered beautiful feminist
messages through their performances.

Day 2 of NYC has been great and I even rode the subway for the first time:)

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  1. Hope you are still having a great time in the Big Apple! All of you are probably running on adrenaline by now. Enjoy!