Monday, March 11, 2019

NGO Consultation Day

NGO Committee on the status of Women, has exposed me to an global empowering community regarding women who want change. During today's consultation day, I was introduced to a host of women from all different states as they presented their concerns on various issues women face in their specific country and or state through panel discussions. As I sat in a room full of women who have placed their stamp on the world, I am motivated to keep going in making sure women not only have equal rights but that we have access to those equal rights. CSW is only the instrument in promoting women's rights, keeping up with real-life experiences women face in the world, gender equality and the list continues. However, CSW is only the instrument but a instrument is useless if there is no one to play it. As a WomenNC scholar, I am looking forward to playing the instrument given to me as I am eager to attend the workshops and sessions of my choice that will provide me with the knowledge I need to become a world leader as it pertains to Women's Rights in all capacities. I am in tuned. 

In addition, today's session has reminded me of where I come from and where I am going. During the lunch break, I had a heart-felt encounter with Abaynesh Asrat, a Bennett College Alumna, Class of 1974. To know that everywhere I go, I could possibly have a sister belle in the room makes me feel there is nothing in this world African-American women cannot do. Bennett College contributes many attributes to the building up of a girl in her journey to becoming a woman. Ms. Asrat has reminded me of why I chose Bennett College to further my education as a undergraduate student, and has encouraged me to be open to what the world has to offer and never let any opportunity pass me by. 

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