Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bennett Belle Takes NYC: Day 3

Today was the start of the NGO CSW events! The WomenNC team started our day off early by attending the CSW Forum Orientation session at the Church Center. We each also had time to attend another event at 10:30 AM following the session. The Bennett team chose to attend China - Abandoned Social Protection for Baby Girls and Elderly Widows by the Women’s Rights Without Frontiers Organization. I chose this event because I am interested in being an international social worker and China has always been a country of interest for me. I learned that China has a One Child Law and that women are often times forced to have abortions. This is terrible, but I am glad that I have been exposed to this information because now I can help advocate against this particular injustice towards Chinese women and baby girls.

The WomenNC met up after our 10:30 AM session to take photos near the UN.

Not only was today the first day of the CSW events, but the WomenNC Scholars presented today! All of the presentations were excellent, especially Kaitlin’s! I watched my roommate rehearse before the event and she was PHENOMENAL! Her topic was entitled, “Barriers to Immigrant Workers In The Raleigh Metropolitan Area”. She represented both UNC Chapel Hill and WomenNC extremely well.

I ended my evening with my Bennett sisters at the Sugar Factory and had a great evening. I even left my cell phone in the taxi cab. This has never happened to me and surely not in a busy city like New York. I was certain that I was never going to see my IPhone again. but to my surprise the cab driver was able to return it to me. Day 3 of the Big Apple was another success!

Pictured: WomenNC Scholar Kaitlin Galindo during her presentation :)

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  1. I am glad you found your phone. We are all proud of yesterday presentations.