Saturday, March 9, 2019


It has been quite a long day from NC to NYC. After our flight, we dropped our bags off quickly and went to pick up our United Nations ground passes. While the picture on my ID is admittedly not great, the fact that my face and name are on and ID pass to the UN is really exciting. Once we had our passes, we walked around the UN grounds. All of the hunger and exhaustion from earlier in the day faded away momentarily, as we wandered around a place that emanated importance. I am excited to lean into that feeling of significance this week. This experience, engaging with issues and people at this high a level, is a special opportunity. A goal of mine for the week is just to appreciate that significance while it is happening.

After lunch at Jonny's, we retired to the hotel. I took a much needed nap and relaxation period, just trying to get my body ready for the long week ahead. After several warm cookies provided by the hotel, we went to dinner and then got together for a team strategy meeting. I am structuring my schedule for the week around my interests and career goals, focusing mainly on refugee/migrant and justice events. I am excited to see what this week has in store and looking forward to exploring what NYC and the UN Commission on the Status of Women has to offer!

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