Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Presentation Day has finally arrived!

Our big day has finally arrived! The day we planned for after months of dedicated research, we presented at our parallel event at the United Nations!!

Our day began with orientation in the Church Center across from the U.N. Headquarters. It was incredibly exciting to feel the energy of other first time CSW attendants. The presentation detailed the difference between side, parallel and official events; as well as the difference between NGO-CSW and CSW63. It also outlined the logistics of locations and travel to various events. We then heard from guest speaker Lopa Banjeer, the Civil Society Division Director of U.N. Women. We were also able to delve into the details of Beijing 25+ and how to properly document our CSW experience on social media.

After orientation finished, we traveled downstairs to the chapel and watched the live stream of the official open ceremonies of the Commission on the Status of Women in the U.N. Headquarters. As I watched the ceremony progress within the General Assembly, it was incredible to know that it was happening just across the street and with female speakers that I sat right behind during Consultation Day!

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